Congressman Keith Rothfus

Representing the 12th District of Pennsylvania

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Q: Who are Keith's bosses?

A: If you are one of the 705,000 people who live in Pennsylvania’s Twelfth Congressional District, you are Keith’s boss. Keith and the team are here to help and serve you!

Q: What area of Pennsylvania does Keith represent?

A: Keith represents Pennsylvania's Twelfth District, which includes all of Beaver County and parts of Allegheny, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties. Click here for more information on Pennsylvania's Twelfth District.

Q: Do I live in Pennsylvania's Twelfth Congressional District?

A: You can find out if you live in the Twelfth District by clicking here.

Q: How do I contact Keith?

A: There are several ways to contact Keith. If you would like to send a letter to Keith, we recommend you consider e-mail or fax as your mode of delivery. Mail delivery in the U.S. Capitol is usually very slow due to an extensive screening process. You can also mail your letter to any one of the three district offices. Contact information is available here.

Q: How can I meet Keith? When is Keith hosting a town hall?

A: As your employee, Keith strongly believes that he should be accessible, accountable, and transparent to you. He has hosted more than sixty Coffees with Keith throughout the district. Coffees with Keith are constituent forums advertised in advance and open to any Twelfth district resident who wants to meet Keith or ask him a question in person. Coffees with Keith are announced in the Rothfus Report, press releases, and through Facebook and Twitter.

Q: How do I stay up to date on what Keith is doing?

A: When Keith is home in Western Pennsylvania he is on the road meeting with his bosses at Coffee with Keith constituent forums and visiting main street storefronts, manufacturers, non-profits, schools, local elected officials, and other businesses and organizations. He strongly believes in being accessible, accountable, and transparent to his 705,000 bosses. You can stay updated on Keith’s work for you in Western Pennsylvania and in Washington, D.C. by connecting on Facebook and Twitter and by signing up for the Rothfus Report email newsletter.

Q: What kinds of things can a congressional office help with?

A: Keith and his team are available to assist you in resolving any issues you may have with the federal government. Since January 2013 we have resolved more than 900 constituent cases. Visit the How Can I Help page to learn how Keith and the team can help you.

Q: Where does Keith stand on the issues?

A: You can find out where Keith stands on a variety of issues by visiting the Issues page.

Q: What are Keith’s priorities?

A: Keith’s priorities are providing top-notch constituent service, growing the economy, promoting fiscal responsibility, protecting seniors, and serving our veterans. You should also check out the Keith’s Initiatives page to review other projects he is leading as your representative.

Q: What committee does Keith serve on?

A: Keith serves on the House Committee on Financial Services. He serves on the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

Q: What is the congressional schedule? Why are the House and Senate on vacation so often?

A: Keith strongly believes that Congress must do its job. That is why he introduced the Congressional Pay for Performance Act. However, he does not set the floor schedule.

The House Schedule is set by the Majority Leader. You may review the House calendar by visiting the Majority Leader’s website.

When the House is not in session (periods known as district work periods) Keith returns to Western Pennsylvania so that he can engage with his 705,000 bosses at his Coffee with Keith constituent forums and at main street storefronts, manufacturers, non-profits, and other businesses and organizations. It’s all about being accessible to his bosses.

Q: How did Keith vote?

A: You can learn how Keith voted by visiting Keith’s How I Voted page.

Q: Is it true that Keith has gold-plated health care and pension for life?

A: No.

As your representative Keith has refused the congressional pension, President Obama’s special deal for Members of Congress’ health care and taken a term limits pledge.